Propane Gas Monitoring from Total Comfort

What goes on your tank?

The monitoring equipment takes only minutes to install, and your tank remains completely sealed. Once the monitor is attached, we check the system to ensure the equipment is communicating properly with the software at our headquarters.

The monitor is very durable, and performs in the harshest weather conditions that our climate can produce. We trust only the best monitoring equipment with our customer's tanks. WESROC® tank monitors are American made, and the most reliable in the industry.

How does it communicate?

Cellular Technology

Your tank information is sent via cellular network, then through the internet. providing a secure and reliable communication link between your tank and our monitoring system.

If cellular coverage is poor in your area, other communication options are available.

Reliable Deliveries

With piece of mind

Rest assured that your fuel tank will always be monitored and deliveries will be timely, thus ensuring your year-round comfort.

Why is this monitor necessary?

Most of all, when we monitor the status of your tank, it ensures that we never let you run out of fuel.

Monitoring helps us plan ahead. For example, our customers need to have the necessary amount of propane in their tanks before the winter storm hits. Monitoring enables us to stay ahead of the weather, and keep your home protected from the cold.

In addition to monitoring your tank level, our system also alerts us to any erratic changes in your tank level.

This enables us to be more responsive and efficient so that we can provide the best possible service to our valued customers.

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